Internet shutdown

we can let the nuclear station explodes, so the internet shuts down immediately. The reason I considered a reasonable explanation for nuclear station explodes is that the cooler was broken and shut down, leading the temperature in the station too high.

Details Surrounding the “breaking of the Internet”


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I know originally we had said that only the Internet would go down. According to the key scenario, the Internet wouldn’t actually be completely unusable. I think for the purposes of convenience to us as the writers, and to make it more easily understood by the audience, that all digital technology should be unusable. Possibly some type of emp is the cause, although the cause of it is up for debate. Having a scenario with no technology would limit the story to not having and planes, or gas engine cars, so we would need to take that into consideration.

Finally answering the big question! (Brandon Mai)

We have been arguing on what is meant by the internet shuts down. My opinion is that instead of just the internet, we should include all forms of technology that we utilize daily. This would include cars, phones, and anything that runs on electricity. This would be very clear for the audience and would demonstrate how we might take our daily technology for granted. That being said, this would not apply to the machine that restores the internet maybe because it runs on its own source of energy. Overall, we should just include electronic devices which would include the internet.

The Internet Goes Down! What Does That Mean? (Brian Lazarow)

For our scenario, I think that shutting down the internet should also involve shutting down anything that uses electricity and any device that uses radio waves for communication except for perhaps the most primitive of radios. However, while the internet shut down should be permanent until the keys are activated, I think that some things using electricity should be able to be restarted.

For example, electric cars or car starters would shut down in the initial event, but they could be fixed by anyone with knowledge of how to fix electronics. However, things like the a city’s electrical grid would be harder to fix due to all radio wave based communication going down alongside the Internet and the sheer complexity of the system.

This would allow us to explain how the device all the keys go into still works because either one of the soldiers at Area 51 fixed it or one of the keyholders has knowledge in electrical engineering. It could even be Wisdom who gets the machine fixed since he was one of the ones to build it.

How does that sound?

How the Internet should go down By:Carolina Gil

I believe that if the internet were to go down it should go down in the way of having no technology what so ever. No airplanes, trains, buses, cars or modern day phones. No wifi and then it effects everything we depend on. People have to go along with the old times like 1900’s. It makes more room for fantasy to play a rule such as the seven keys that we want to include in the play. The seven keys puts a twist to the play to make room for the fantasy aspect of it all. It puts it all into perspective as to how the overall play should and could function.